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PawHut Chicken Feeder: Durable & Automatic

PawHut Chicken Feeder: Durable & Automatic

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Are you tired of being unable to enjoy short trips because of the responsibility of feeding chickens at home? Do you often forget to feed the chickens, leaving them hungry? Look no further than our PawHut Rainproof Outdoor Chicken Feeder. With an 11.5kg capacity, this feeder can sustain 10 chickens for about a week, saving you time and money and allowing the chickens to enjoy a buffet at any time. Made of galvanized sheet and aluminum alloy, this automatic chicken feeder is strong, durable, and weatherproof to keep the feed dry. The comprehensive design ensures that your chickens grow healthily and lay eggs happily.

PawHut Rainproof Outdoor Chicken Feeder Features:

  • The feeder is made of galvanized sheet and aluminum alloy, ensuring sturdiness
  • Weatherproof to keep the feed dry
  • Allows chickens to access food when hungry, ensuring safe and happy eating
  • Reduces feed waste and saves on feed costs
  • Chickens weighing over 0.25kg can open the lid
  • Allows you to be free from the daily rush of feeding chickens

PawHut Rainproof Outdoor Chicken Feeder Specification:

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Galvanized Steel, Aluminum
  • Overall Dimension: 42L x 51D x 28.5H cm
  • Top Rain-cover Size: 36L x 15.5D x 3H cm
  • Feeding Capacity: 11.5kg
  • Feeding Outlet Size: 34.5L x 8.3D x 8.5H cm
  • Rain-cover Size: 36L x 10.3D x 2.3H cm
  • Baffle: 16.5cm W (Upper), 12.1cm W (lower)
  • Pedal Size: 42L x 17.5D x 1.5H cm
  • Treadle Above Ground: 9.5cm
  • Net Weight: 4.2kg
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