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Welcome to the world of salon luxury with our Chair Salon Stools and hairdresser stool collection. These stools are designed to enhance your salon experience, providing both style and comfort to both the professionals and clients.

Our range of salon stools, each tailored to specific uses, from sleek and modern designs for contemporary salons to classic and elegant options for timeless beauty establishments. Built for durability and comfort, our hairdresser stool collection offers a variety of designs, materials, and features to ensure you have the perfect stool for every styling and grooming situation.

Salon Stools: Further Information

What are important features of salon stools?

Important features of salon stools include an adjustable height mechanism, which allows for customisation and comfort for both the stylist and client, ensuring the stool can be set to the perfect working height. The inclusion of a 360-degree swivel feature enhances usability. A leather padded seat is another essential feature, offering superior comfort and support during long periods of sitting, while also ensuring durability and ease of cleaning, which is vital in a salon setting. The presence of wheels facilitates easy movement across the salon floor, allowing for a more flexible and efficient workspace by enabling the stylist to move between different stations or areas of the salon without the need to get up, thus improving the overall workflow and client experience.