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HOMCOM Red 12 Tire Scooter

HOMCOM Red 12 Tire Scooter

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Looking for the perfect gift for kids and adults? This stunt scooter is just what you need! It features a strong steel frame, 16" pneumatic tires (The small size is 16" front and 12" rear pneumatic tires), front and rear caliper brakes, and height adjustable handlebars, all in a vibrant finish. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air with these ideal scooters!

Stunt Scooter Features:

  • Heavy duty steel frame and foot plate with inflatable wheels
  • Safety pads on stem and handlebar, with side stand
  • Height adjustable handlebar (92cm -100cm) to meet specific needs
  • Inflatable tires for easy and smooth steering, fits most terrains
  • V-Type front and rear provides extra stability and safety
  • Maximum weight up to 220lbs, suitable for age 5+
  • Assembly required, instruction is included

Stunt Scooter Specification:

  • Brand new in good condition.
  • Colour: Black
  • Overall Dimensions: 125(L)x58(W)x92-100cm(H)
  • Deck Size: 36(L)x12cm(W)
  • Height from deck to floor: 11cm
  • Inflatable 16" tyres: rubber
  • Maximum weight capacity: 100kg
  • Custom Label: 53-0022
  • Safety note:
  • Direct adult supervision is required
  • Scooters are meant to be used only in controlled environments
  • Scooters are intended for use on solid, flat, clean and dry surfaces
  • Do not ride a scooter in wet weather
  • Do not ride a scooter in mud, ice, puddles or water
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