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PawHut Plush Cat Tree - 1.2m, Light Gray

PawHut Plush Cat Tree - 1.2m, Light Gray

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Give your cat the ultimate playtime experience with the PawHut Multi-Activity Cat Tree. This durable and entertaining activity tree features a particle board frame, multi-tier design, large house, ladders, hanging play balls, sleeping baskets, and a top perch. Covered in soft plush for safety and with sisal scratching posts to keep their claws sharp, this tree is perfect for keeping your cat entertained while you're away.

PawHut Multi-Activity Cat Tree Features:

  • Multi-activity design of perches, sleeping baskets, and a large house to keep them entertained
  • Particle board frame for strength and durability, with a bottom base to keep it upright and stable
  • Sisal scratching posts allow your cat to sharpen their claws safely
  • Soft and comfortable plush covering for safety
  • Suitable for cats under 5kg, assembly required

PawHut Multi-Activity Cat Tree Specifications:

  • Item name: Cat tree
  • Colour: Grey and white Brand: PawHut
  • Materials: Particleboard, plush and sisal
  • Dimensions: 125H x 49L x 44Wcm. House: 28H x 35L x 30Wcm. House door: 18H x 20Lcm. Sleep baskets: Φ30cm. Ladder: 49H x 17Lcm. Platform from bottom to top: 49L x 44Wcm, 49L x 44Wcm, 25L x 25Wcm, 49L x 35Wcm & 25L x 25Wcm. Pole: Ф6.8cm
  • Flat pack: Yes
  • Custom label: D30-268
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